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  • July 09, 2023
Celebrating Milan’s Allure, Pomellato Unveils A High Jewellery Collection That Redefines Timeless Luxury

In a remarkable tribute to both Pomellato and the eternal magnetism of Milan, Creative Director Vincenzo Castaldo commemorates his 20-year tenure with an extraordinary high jewellery collection featuring 33 distinct designs. Aptly named ‘Ode to Milan,’ this collection captures the essence of the fashion capital while embracing the heritage and innovation that have defined the Milanese brand since its inception in 1967.

Unlike traditional high-end designs, Pomellato’s creations are celebrated for their everyday wearability and can be effortlessly paired with a casual daytime look or the most glamorous evening outfits.

This year, the high jewellery collection pays homage to Milan’s eclectic history, evoking its hidden treasures and captivating narratives. The dynamic cityscape, characterised by a fusion of manufacturing excellence and design innovation, has been an endless source of inspiration for the Italian brand. So powerful is the city’s allure that Vincenzo Casaldo, the creative genius behind this collection, in an interview ahead of the brand’s official unveiling in Paris, said, “It may be hyperbole, but I would go as far as saying that if Milan did not exist, Pomellato would not exist either.” Safe to assume, then, the city, its many architectural marvels and the visionary works of mid-century Modernists turned into the director’s muse this season. 

The collection unfolds like a gripping narrative, with each of the four-part chapters exploring a new aspect of the city’s tapestry. Vertical Landscapes, which features the skyline necklace first seen on model Alessandra Ambrósio at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, captures Milan’s soaring skyscrapers in contemporary jewels that boast architectural silhouettes adorned with vibrant gemstones.

Contemporary Heritage pays homage to the majestic Castello Sforzesco, a medieval fort built in the city’s heart, infusing exquisite gold designs with the rich history of Milan’s ancient fortifications.

Creativity on Stage channels Pomellato’s chain-making legacy and celebrates the city’s iconic La Scala theatre as well as the spirit of Via Montenapoleone, a famous shopping street in the city.

For its final chapter, Terrazza Duomo, the brand encapsulates the essence of Milan’s iconic cathedral, Duomo di Milano converting parts of this architectural marvel into contemporary sculptural earrings, a choker, and bracelets in white or rose gold adorned with dazzling white diamonds.

Pomellato’s ‘Ode to Milan’ is not merely a high jewellery collection; it is a love letter to the city that has shaped the brand’s identity and aesthetic since it first launched.

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Images courtes of Pomellato

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