by Aisha Zaman
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  • April 16, 2024
New Heights: Noora Belselah on her multifaceted approach to life

Noora Belselah is a highly experienced aviation professional, the founder of fashion venture Trend Over Spend, and the first female photographer from the Gulf to cover international fashion weeks. Her multifaceted approach to life has made it possible for her to leave an indelible mark across a number of fields. 

Currently a Project Director at Royal Jet Group, Noora has a hybrid background in commercial aviation and more than a decade in the Aerospace and Defence sectors. With her work in the aviation industry, she has been involved in several successfully awarded contracts and projects. For example, she played an instrumental role in establishing the IMOC (International Movements Operations Center) project in 2014, responsible for the efficient command and control of all global tanker and air mobility operations for the UAE Air Force and Air Defence. 

“My dream is to be the first Emirati woman leading an aviation company,” affirms Noora. “And to make the leadership of UAE – which greatly encourages entrepreneurs and women passionate about creating change – extremely proud.”

In addition to her aviation experience, Noora is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and is furthering her academic exposure by currently pursuing an MBA degree in Project Management. She also received a scholarship from Emirates Airline University to study Flight Operations Management, and has received numerous awards from the UAE Armed Forces for her work and commitment.

Noora is also promoting the essence of beauty and style through various local and international platforms and describes herself as an adventurous career woman who loves to travel and explore new avenues of creativity. 

Noora Belselah

Over the years, she has successfully dabbled in a number of entrepreneurial ventures such as the boutique Lit Fitness Studio (which she eventually sold), being a professional photographer, and launching Trend Over Spend, which allows people to source pieces at competitive prices. “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm,” she says about her endless curiosity.

With so many passions and her enthusiasm to take on new projects, Noora also understands the value of making a commitment. “I believe it’s important and healthy to know when to take time off to focus on a single goal,” she says. “I have currently paused my entrepreneurial ventures to focus fully on my aviation career.”

Noora believes empowering women in the UAE results from the leadership’s acknowledgment that all women can make a change, regardless of expectations or stereotypical beliefs. “Recognising my nation’s efforts for women’s work is an opportunity that motivates me to compete internationally and capture everything worthy of attention,” she explains. 

It’s clear that Noora is inspired both by her strong sense of connection with and national pride for the UAE, whose leaders have demonstrated time and again their support for women to succeed in any and every field. “We must take advantage of our opportunities. And, as there is room for everyone to rise, we should not settle for less than we deserve. I foresee that, over the next 50 years, the UAE will leave an exceptional mark in the realms of fashion, art and culture in the world,” she predicts.

Her impressive achievements in a variety of sectors serve as an inspiration for women across the GCC and beyond, encouraging them to chase their dreams fearlessly and defy societal expectations. “I have learnt over the years that nothing comes your way on a golden platter, and that there will always be challenges in the path to reach where you want to be,” she says. “What matters is how you face them to eventually come out stronger.”

Noora’s career trajectory demonstrates the power of perseverance and the importance of believing in oneself despite the odds. She flawlessly navigates different industries, leveraging her skills and expertise to make a positive impact in each field. Her ability to balance professional endeavours while also leaving a lasting impression in the fashion world is a testament to her abilities and unwavering dedication. 

When asked for advice for budding entrepreneurs, Noora has this to offer: “Never give up something if you are passionate about it or want to achieve something. Nothing is impossible. Be realistic – but don’t give up.”

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