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  • April 18, 2024
Saint-Louis’ Chamade collection was fueled by UNESCO recognition in crystal artistry

Back in December 2023, UNESCO added glass and crystal making to its ‘Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’. This prestigious designation has sparked celebration among artisans worldwide, particularly at the Saint-Louis crystal workshop, which is renowned for its dedication to preserving this delicate form of art.

Building on this wave of recognition, 2024 sees a fresh and innovative offering from Saint-Louis. Ornamentalist Pierre Marie has breathed new life into the traditional “hand-cutting” techniques with his latest creation, the Chamade collection. This collection showcases a trio of stunning, large-scale pieces, each a testament to the mastery inherent in Saint-Louis craftsmanship.

Drawing inspiration from the natural elegance of flowers and the evocative power of music, the Chamade collection stands out as a symbol of the rich history and skill embodied by Saint-Louis artisans. This series not only reflects the artistic legacy of the manufacturer but also highlights the continuous innovation that characterises their work.

The pieces are currently being displayed at Santa Maria del Carmine church in the Brera district as part of Milan Design Week, which is running between April 16-21. Visitors can see the Chamade pieces alongside other artistic innovations.

This event is a showcase of craftsmanship and a celebration of the lasting relevance of crystal and glassmaking in the contemporary design landscape.

St Louis’ Chamade collection: The inspiration behind the pieces

Tucked away in a secret vault since 1845, there are hundreds of historical artifacts in the Saint-Louis heritage collection. This collection, renowned for its rare and intricate crystal works, contributes to the ongoing legacy of the famed French crystal manufacturer.

Recently, this hidden gem provided a unique source of inspiration for the artist behind the collection Pierre Marie, whose visit to the heritage store unveiled the staggering variety of crystal art housed within. He was particularly struck by the vibrantly coloured, richly cut pieces.

The Chamade set is thus a tribute to the abundance and intricate design characteristic of Saint-Louis. Comprising three distinct pieces, the set exemplifies both unity and the ability to stand out.


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