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  • July 21, 2023
More Is More By Boucheron Is The Latest High Jewellery Collection From The French Maison, Celebrating Joy And Resilience

In a world craving liberation from the weight of pandemic-era hardships, Boucheron, the renowned French jewellery brand, has embraced a resolute “more is more” philosophy that radiates pure delight. With a nod to the joyous aesthetics of the 1980s, Creative Director Claire Choisne has crafted a collection that – given its colourful aesthetic – serves as a remedy for post-pandemic anxieties.

The brand’s latest offering emerges as a celebration of bold self-expression. Shaking up traditional notions of high jewellery, Claire invites us to revel in a world brimming with volume and vibrant colours. It is a bold departure from gold and silver pieces swapped for sun-drenched hues.

A playful ode to the iconic styles of the 1980s, the collection unleashes a symphony of geometries and patterns, all crafted to spark delight. The collection includes pop-art-inspired sets of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, hair adornments, and clothing jewels, each radiating an energy unlike anything seen before in the realm of high jewellery.

Standout pieces include the collar-like Soap Bubble necklace composed of mother-of-pearl discs mirroring the grandeur of giant pearl beads. The avant-garde clothing jewels defy convention as a flat onyx-and-diamond piece beckons to be mounted on garments like a pocket, redefining the boundaries of wearable art. Meanwhile, graphic rings adorned with bejewelled baubles in the form of cubes and spheres introduce a whimsical charm that captivates and delights.

The collection honours the brand’s heritage as well, breathing new life into iconic designs like the 1910 Wave tiara and Faerger Question Mark necklace, reborn as lightweight lacquer and diamond brooches and a beautiful trompe l’oeil neckpiece.

As we emerge from post-pandemic shadows, More is More shines as a dazzling reminder that beauty, self-expression, and unadulterated joy can triumph even in the face of adversity.

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Images courtesy of Boucheron

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