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  • July 22, 2023
Bulgari Celebrates 75 Years Of Its Iconic Serpenti Line With A Unique Capsule Collection

Bulgari has unveiled a unique capsule collection of six exclusive bags to mark the 75th anniversary of its iconic Serpenti line. This unique collaboration brings together three global contemporary artists, Sungwoo Kim, Zhou Li, and Sophie Kitching, who have poured their creative prowess into creating a series of exclusive handbags.

With each accessory bearing the unmistakable touch of their vision and the iconic serpent, the collection not only pays homage to the mythical creature but also delves deep into the world of art.

Korean artist Sungwoo Kim infuses his symbolic dodo birds, representing freedom and happiness, into the bags. His calfskin accessory features two animations—a beautiful depiction of dodos amidst a morning forest during the day and a portrayal of the birds soaring through the night sky, surrounded by iconic eight-pointed stars.

Chinese artist and sculptor Zhou Li brings her lyrical abstract paintings to life in a language that is uniquely her own. With a fusion of blue and pink tones borrowed from her acclaimed series, Landscape from Nowhere: Water and Dreams, Zhou infuses one of the collection’s accessories with a sense of freedom and hope for humanity. Another bag takes inspiration from her painting Forest, channelling the raw power of nature and the unending cycle of life. These evocative designs pay tribute to the romantic ambience of the forest and the beauty found within Chinese landscape paintings, a personal passion of the artist.

At 33, American artist Sophie Kitching brings her conceptual approach to the Serpenti forever top-handle bags. Drawing inspiration from snake’s mercurial nature and binary existence, Sophie masterfully captures the essence of opposites. Her accessories serve as a canvas for a visual exploration of day and night, inner and outer realms. Paint strokes reminiscent of flowers, petals, and leaves grace the bags’ light and dark backgrounds, creating a captivating fusion of contrasting elements.

In an ever-changing world, the brand’s latest capsule collection is a testament to its ability to evolve and create truly extraordinary works of art. With the three artists lending their creative genius to this collaboration, these exclusive handbags become not just accessories but memorable pieces of art.

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Images courtesy of Bulgari

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