by Ayesha Shaikh
  • 1 minute read
  • August 08, 2021
Maison Boucheron Unveils Its Latest Holographique Capsule Collection

Boucheron has unveiled a new capsule collection, which builds on the designs launched as part of its latest Carte Blanche High Jewelry collection titled ‘Holographique’. Creative Director Claire Choisne has applied the same techniques as the high jewelry line, but in ceramic to reinvent the Maison’s icons, Quatre and Jack de Boucheron, with five unique creations that feature the avant-garde coating.

The capsule features rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches with color-blocking and a holographic effect that creates a wondrous interplay of light and color. The Quatre collection, which was previously available in electric blue and red hues, now has a fresh, new holographic version. With the exception of the diamond line, the codes in this ring are made of holographic ceramic, which contrasts with the Maison’s classic design vocabulary.

Then, there’s the Jack de Boucheron motif, which has been given a new high-tech look. This double-wrap bracelet comes in three versions, yellow, white and pink gold, and complements the existing single- and triple-wrap models. The motif appears in green, red and blue, so you can take your pick. Also part of the line is a set of five Jack brooches in yellow gold and diamonds, which create shimmering, shifting reflections. Stack and wear these iridescent pieces together on your abaya or jacket lapel to make a statement.

Giving a nod to Claire’s penchant for incorporating light and reflections into her creations, the capsule mirrors the aesthetic sensibilities of the Holographique high jewelry line. About the latter, Claire once wrote, “Light has always intrigued me. We live alongside it, in it, without knowing exactly what it is. With this Holographic collection, I wanted to bring a new meaning to light.” She added, “Every piece is like a prism, catching the complexity of light by representing every single color that’s held within it.”

Discover the limited-edition collection that’s available at Boucheron boutiques.

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