by Nada Hamad AlGhurair
  • 1 minute read
  • August 25, 2020
Nada AlGhurair: This Emirati Women’s Day, I Share What It’s Like To Be From Gen Z In The UAE

As we celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of UAE women on Emirati Women’s Day, we, the Gen Z women, realise that although we’re different from our previous generations in some key ways, we tend to remain much like our mothers and our grandmothers as far as our identity as an Emirati is concerned. Our differences come in when we have opposing opinions on issues such as being concerned over matters in a global context rather than a regional one, and thinking that social behavioural change is good.

The women of the Federal National Council, the female Ministers in the UAE Cabinet, and the women in every sector of private and public businesses have taken it upon themselves to challenge the stereotypes and seek gender equality to lead as an example. These women were lucky to be supported by our government that believed in them, empowered them and provided them with the necessary opportunities.

We are amongst the most educated generations of the country, and this overall trend of more UAE women pursuing higher education is growing further and is luckily enabling us to pursue degrees and careers in unique fields of work, locally and internationally. Most of us have college-educated parents compared to previous generations of young women and this has helped us carve out our own paths.

The UAE is witnessing a generation of women taking the reins of leadership where a dynamic workforce of equal partners is the way forward. We’re very proud to say that the UAE policymakers are taking up the initiative to fulfill this dream for women in this country.

Nada AlGhurair is an advocate in the making. She attended Latifa School for Girls and then pursued a Bachelor’s degree in law at an esteemed university in London. She’s currently studying for the NY Bar qualification. Through Gen Z Emirati, she’ll take us through her values, of consumption as access rather than a possession, while seeking an individual identity and addressing ethical concerns. She believes in taking advantage of technological advances when dealing with challenging economic, legal and social matters facing her generation.

Cover image credit: @artinterlude by Sarah Ali for Hesa

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