by Aminath Ifasa
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  • October 19, 2022
5 Winter Activities You Must Experience At The Mleiha Archaeological Centre

The Mleiha Archaeological and Eco-tourism Project is a hidden gem, nestled in Sharjah’s eponymous desert. Fringed by magnificent mountains and desert dunes, it’s a treat for adventure seekers, history buffs and nature lovers.

Developed by the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), the site offers a range of activities for you to experience with your family, along with the chance to peruse the UAE’s rich archaeological history and unique flora and fauna.

Here, we round up five activities you need to discover at the Mleiha Archeological Site this winter.

Buggy Self-Drive Adventure

Experience the adrenaline-rush buggy drive adventure through the desert dunes as you pass by natural wonders like the Fossil Rock and Camel Rock. You can embark on the one-hour buggy ride with a family of four at Dhs1,250.

ArchaeoMOG tour

The Archaeomog Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that takes you through a multisensorial adventure through the country’s natural heritage in a Unimog. The tour begins with an informative visit to the museum followed by a walkthrough to the Mleiha Stables via a gazelle enclosure. The trail then continues to the Valley of the Caves for a short trekking experience, as it comes to an end in a hidden wadi for refreshments. The Archeomog Tour stretches across two hours and is priced at Dhs165 per adult, Dhs120 per child (ages 5-10), and is free-of-cost for children below 5 years.

Mleiha Landscapes

The Mleiha Landscapes tour is a 1-hour excursion into the depths of the desert to witness the Camel Rock, a uniquely shaped mountain outcrop that has the shape of a camel’s head. Explorers are then taken for a drive up Fossil Rock for a sweeping view, and a guide walks them through the history of the artefacts. Visitors can choose to experience this journey either in a Dune Buggy or in our 4×4 SUV. The trip lasts for an hour, and is priced at Dhs165 per adult and Dhs120 per child (ages 5-10) for an SUV ride, and Dhs300 per adult and Dhs200 per child for a buggy ride.

Sunset Lounge

If you’re looking for a relaxing escape with your family, the Sunset Lounge Mleiha Archeological Site is the one for you. Create beautiful memories with your loved ones as you watch the sunset from a traditional Arabian style lounge. Visitors can also enjoy stargazing with the telescopes at the venue along with an expert. The experience also offers a bespoke barbecue menu for guests to relish. Additionally, the package includes an add-on experience of your choice—a buggy adventure, safari drive for sunset, or any other add-on from its offerings. The Sunset Lounge package is a four-hour experience that’s offered at  Dhs130 per adult and Dhs100 per child excluding food, and an all-inclusive rate of Dhs220 per adult and Dhs110 per child (ages 5-10).

Star Gazing

Embark upon a dreamy journey as you explore the stars and planets at the Mleiha centre. An experienced guide will help you navigate the spacial elements on view, which usually includes Mars, Jupiter and the moon. Guests will also be treated to a refreshing hot beverage of choice (mint tea or qahwa). The Star Gazing sessions accommodate 10 people at a time and are priced at Dhs125 per adult and Dhs100 per child  (non-exclusive), and Dhs250 per adult and Dhs200 per child (exclusive).

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Images courtesy of Mleiha Archeological Site

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