by Mahak Saxena
  • 1 minute read
  • June 19, 2024
Chaumet introduces “Chaumet en Scène” collection in Venice

In a celebration of artistic mastery, Parisian jeweller Chaumet unveiled its newest High Jewelry collection, “Chaumet en Scène,” at a spectacular event held in Venice’s Scuola Grande di San Rocco. The historic venue, adorned with Renaissance masterpieces, provided a truly timeless backdrop for the evening’s presentation.

Chaumet en Scène, translating to “Chaumet on Stage,” lived up to its name with a multi-faceted showcase. The exquisite jewellery pieces were not simply displayed, but rather came to life through an unforgettable performance that blended music, dance, and a touch of magic. This innovative approach mirrored the collection itself, which reportedly pushed the boundaries of High Jewellery design.

Coco Rocha, Kelly Rutherford, Alex Rivière.
Coco Rocha, Kelly Rutherford, Alex Rivière. Image: Supplied

The event attracted a host of celebrities and friends of the Maison, who adorned themselves with Chaumet creations. Among them was world-renowned actress Emilia Clarke, who paired a Mélodie necklace and ring from the Chaumet en Scène collection with earrings from the Joséphine Eclat Floral line. Other notable guests included entrepreneur Yara Al Namlah, who sported a Bee My Love necklace and matching earrings and ring, and Korean actor and singer Cha Eun Woo, who opted for a Trompe L’Œil brooch featuring diamonds and pearls.

While details about the Chaumet en Scène collection itself remain scarce, glimpses gleaned from the event attendees’ choices offer intriguing hints. The Mélodie pieces worn by Emilia Clarke suggest a focus on white gold and diamonds, while Yara Al Namlah’s Bee My Love set hints at a romantic and nature-inspired theme. Cha Eun Woo’s brooch, meanwhile, showcases Chaumet’s mastery of intricate design and the use of precious pearls.

Yara Al Namlah. Image: Supplied

The presence of pieces from Chaumet’s existing collections, such as Joséphine Aigrette and Le Jardin de Chaumet, further suggests a thematic or stylistic link between these established lines and the new Chaumet en Scène. With its innovative presentation and intriguing design elements, Chaumet’s latest high jewellery collection promises to be a captivating addition to the world of luxury gems.

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