by Ayesha Shaikh
  • 1 minute read
  • September 08, 2021
This Lebanese Designer Has Created An Enchanted Jungle At Salone Del Mobile 2021

Supersalone, the special 2021 event with a new format under the banner of Salone del Mobile, has been gripping attention with its impressive roster of galleries and designers. Among its many highlights is a remarkable showcase by Milan-based Nilufar Gallery’s expansive exhibition, titled ‘Nilufar Depot’, a setting that has been created in a former industrial space near the outskirts of the city.

Step inside and you’ll be immediately enraptured by its multitude of creative offerings, like artist Pietro Consagra’s Matacubi sculptures that can be used as benches, Federica Perazzoli’s textile frescoes, and rising star Andrés Reisinger’s immersive 3D design works.

Also expect to be enchanted by a lush jungle with neo-Tiki furniture, as envisioned by Beirut-born designer Khaled El Mays. In this wondrous space, you’ll find 12 new pieces that boast organic forms and tell whimsical stories. Expect to find gems like tropical flora sofas and chairs, snake-shaped lamps and artful cabinets.

Khaled is also one of the 17 designers and artists, who have reimagined Dior’s iconic ‘Medallion’ chair. For his version, he deconstructed and reinvented the original by extending its back and including a straw-backed mirror with leather-fringed feet.

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