by Mehak Shoaib
  • 1 minute read
  • August 18, 2019
These Are The 4 Must-Visit Specialty Supermarkets In The UAE

1. Greenheart Organic

Green grocers, take note. This store is dedicated to serving up the highest quality of organic produce, with everything directly brought in from the Greenheart Organic Farm in the UAE. You can order freshly-harvested and locally-grown vegetables and fruits for next-day home delivery. For your healthy food fix, this is the one-stop solution in Dubai you’ve all been waiting for.

2. 1004Gourmet

1004Gourmet is the gem that houses Japanese and Korean products to satiate your Asian palate. Think about all your favorite Korean cosmetics, foods and special treats. The store began with the intention of catering to Korean expats looking for a taste of home but has now grown to appeal to all nationalities. The store offers a wide range of instant noodles, soy beans and hot sauces, and daily staples, from good quality meat to milk, and fruits to vegetables.

3. Pure South Dubai

This Australian gem is located in Greens. The supermarket offers a range of specialty products from Australia including jams, chutneys and snacks. The store’s aesthetic is akin to a conventional Australian home that’s warm and inviting, so shop away.

4. GoGoGuy

This store offers the best vegan alternatives in town. It’s the perfect destination for weight-watches who are looking to enahnce their diets or find healthier and tastier options for their favorite food.

Cover image credit: @Puresouthdubai

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