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  • December 22, 2023
The Bicester Collection Takes You On A Virtual Tour Of Europe’s Most Exclusive Shopping Streets 

Imagine strolling through the cobblestoned streets of Europe’s most coveted luxury shopping destinations and being everywhere, all at once. Luxury shopping is taking an unprecedented turn in an age when the digital realm is increasingly woven into every aspect of our lives. With its Immersive Virtual Villages, The Bicester Collection, an emblem of luxury and opulence, brings this dream to life.

The marque’s latest digital feat, which sits at the crossroads of innovation and elegance, allows fashion connoisseurs to virtually wander the picturesque streets of cities such as London, Milan, and Barcelona. These Villages, each a hidden gem in its own right, are now accessible from every corner of the globe, providing a seamless blend of international brands and Europe’s best-kept secrets.

The show-stopping moment? This digital foray into luxury is accompanied by discounts of up to 60% off the recommended retail price. The real marvel, however, lies beyond the aesthetics in the virtual amenities. Guests can enjoy a variety of five-star services from the comfort of their own homes. Personal shopping sessions, VIP Apartment space previews, and curated selection reveals are all just a WhatsApp message away. It’s a fusion of tactile luxury and digital convenience that’s redefining retail therapy. Personalisation is essential even in this digital venture.

In the background, dedicated clienteling teams work to ensure that every online visitor, like their in-store counterparts, receives an experience tailored to their individual tastes and desires. The Bicester Collection’s Virtual Villages are a vision of the future—a bold statement in the world of luxury retail, heralding the start of a new era.

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