by Mabel Roy
  • 1 minute read
  • July 14, 2020
Pantone Introduces A New Color Match Card That You Can Carry Around In Your Pocket

Pantone is our new best friend with its newly launched Colour Match Card. With the option of using your phone’s camera to measure and match colored objects, materials and surfaces to a Pantone hue, the Color Match Card is portable and makes picking colorways as easy as clicking a photograph.

The card can be used with the Pantone Connect mobile app to capture a color and  search for the best match. It can then be saved to a palette for designing later in the Pantone Connect Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud.

This feature can be availed with both free and paid Pantone accounts. Each card costs Dhs55.

Watch how the app works here.

For more information, visit Pantone’s official website.

Cover image courtesy: @pantone

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