by Farah Makhlouf
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  • July 18, 2019
Look Inside Repossi’s Private Dinner At France’s National Library

Gaia Repossi’s admiration for minimalist architecture has been a common thread through her jewelry designs for Repossi, her family business and a labor of love that she took the reins of as creative and artistic director in 2007. Since then, she has been carrying forward the mantle of creating elegant pieces that hold their own with the brand’s signature style of stacking with floating diamonds among its greatest appeals.

Bibliothèque nationale de France

Just earlier this month, these creations spread their charm  in the halls of France’s National Library—the Bibliotheque Nationale, as Repossi showcased its key collections for a private viewing and dinner during Paris Haute Couture Week. On view was a stellar mix of earrings, rings, bracelets, cuffs, and pendants from the Blast, Antifer, Berbere, Harvest and Serti sur Vide collections.

Taking a cue from Normandy’s cliffs, the Antifer collection reflects the asymmetry of mountain peaks. Meant to be stacked, the bold and edgy Antifer rings come in pink, white, and black gold. By reimagining Repossi’s signature bangles, the collection stays true to the brand’s quintessential elegance.

In contrast, the Serti sur Vide collection puts a unique spin on Repossi’s classic designs. Wedding rings and solitaires have been reinvented to suit the modern woman’s eclectic taste. Whether the rings are encrusted with diamonds or not, the motif of the hanging diamond is retained across the pieces.

The wrap-around design allows for the larger diamond to float above the band, creating a new take on the classic design. In keeping with the brand’s signature aesthetic, this collection is available in pink, white and black gold.

Harvest, another standout line, elevates Repossi’s timeless pieces, pairing precious stones with minimalist pieces, harmonizing sleek rings with triple-decker cuffs. Whether you dress up or down, these Repossi creations will accessorize your looks this summer.

Photography by Leonard Cohade;

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