by Sanika Tipnis
  • 1 minute read
  • December 13, 2019
History Has Been Made: Fendi Launches The World’s First Ever Scented Handbags

“It’s not a Bag, it’s a Baguette!”

While Sarah Jessica Parker’s words from the #BaguetteFriendsForever campaign earlier this year are still ringing in our ears, Fendi is back with a rather unique twist to the iconic Baguette Bag.

The Italian fashion house collaborated with perfume genius, Francis Kurkdjian to launch the first ever scented handbags which has left us wondering how nobody ever thought of this before?

Infused with the unique ‘FendiFrenesia’ fragrance, created exclusively, these limited edition bags have been termed multi-sensory by Fendi as they combine the senses of touch, smell and sight. An obvious question to pop in our head is the nature of the fragrance. Kurkdjian has designed a gender-fluid, ‘leathery and musky’ scent to go down is history with these limited edition Baguettes! The scent, as claimed by Fendi is built to last 4 long years! That’s not all, when you shop for this iconic bag you get a 5ml bottle of perfume as well!

The inspiration for creating the concept came from feminine individuality: ‘A bag is something so feminine, like the best friend of a woman, she holds all her life in it, her secrets. And a fragrance is something that is really one of the most personal things for a woman’. explained Fendi.

Crafted from the finest Cuoio Romano leather, these bags are luxury at it’s best!

Cover Image Credits: @fendi

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