by Hector Espinal
  • 4 minute read
  • July 04, 2019
Exclusive: Fenty Beauty’s Hector Espinal Shares Beauty Dos and Don’ts For Arab Women


Use color

Women are afraid of using colour and do not know how to explore it. For me, it is always about approaching colors through lipsticks. I feel lips are very expressive so if you want to try color, why not with them? Whether you are comfortable wearing hot pink, coral or purple in gloss or matte, like our new Stunna Lip Paints in Unlocked, Unattached and Undefeated, lips are a good way to start and allow you to slowly build up on the eyes with more neutral tones.

Take care of your skin

It is very important to use good skincare products. Many women say they want to use foundation to make their skin look flawless and wonder if it is social media filters that make someone else’s skin look so perfect. I feel it is all about your skincare routine. If you cleanse your skin, use toners, moisturizers and serums, creams for pigmentation, avoid the sun and always use sunscreen, your skin is going to look gorgeous all the time.

How to pick the right shade of foundation? Your face is too exposed to the sun and your neck is too light. So, the color of your chest can help determine the right shade of foundation for you.

Use mascara and concealer

Mascara is one of those things that make it seem like you are wearing makeup without trying too hard. Curl your lashes if you have them straight, apply mascara and that will automatically lift your eyes – it is the perfect way to go. Also, wear concealer daily. Whether you have slept for one or 10 hours, concealer is your pure cure and will awaken tired eyes. It offers smooth application and makes you feel like you have just the right amount of makeup on. Apply it on the center of your face and cover up any pigmentation and blemishes.

Powder your T-zone

It is okay if you look greasy on the outer zone of your face as it makes you skin look nice, youthful and glowy, but if you have oil on your forehead, nose and chin, especially in this humidity, you will look oily. You do not want to look oily, so there is a fine line between looking oily and glowy. So, even if you use Fenty Beauty Invisamatte, which is our blotting powder, it is great because it takes away the shine without giving you a powdery finish. Not all women like powder as they are afraid it might look too heavy, so always make sure your T-zone has a nice, matte finish.


Many women want to look youthful, like Rihanna, so if you have oily skin, use powder highlight on the high points of the face – the temples, bridge of the nose, the cupid’s bow, and do not forget your ears. For dry skin, I like to use a little bit of gloss balm, work it on the back of my hand and just press it onto the high points. Use the new Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters in Wattabrat, a baby-pink shimmer, and Chillz in a cool baby-blue tone, for the perfect amount of dewiness, which will make your skin look hydrated without feeling heavy.


Be afraid to do less

Less is more with makeup. If you are opting for a bold lip, go soft on the eyes with a classic winged eyeliner and lots of mascara, or just shimmery eyeshadow, but do not do a bold eye, lip and cheeks like a clown, which does not work no matter how confident you are. Most importantly, do not over-contour. Contour is like shapewear, you want to have it on, but you do not want anyone to see.

Use foundation daily

I feel that women in the region do not need foundation. If your skin is perfect, use one or two pumps of foundation. Mix it with your moisturizer or primer and apply it with a sponge if you need to wear it. You can go heavier with the concealer as that is going to give you the polished feel you might be looking for in foundation.

How to pick the right shade of blush? Pinch the tip of your finger as much as you can and the shade you see is what you should be looking for in a blush.

Overline your lips and brows

The over-drawing of the lips looks a little uncomfortable sometimes. A good tip is defining your cupid’s bow and starting from the outer-corner of your upper-lip and working your way up on both sides. When you work down, it cuts off the lip and that is what makes it look like you have smaller lips. So, if you start from here up, it rounds off the lip, giving you the volume that you are looking for. If you want your lips to look plump, take a little bit of lip-gloss and apply it in the center, which will give the illusion that your lips are pouty. Eyebrows are sisters, not twins – do not over-fascinate and over-draw your brows. That trend is over.

Sleep with makeup on

Sleeping with makeup on is how you break-out. I recommend everyone to wash your makeup brushes every week. Sometimes, I see women who have a breakout where they do their contour because their brush is dirty, so that is not good.

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