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  • November 14, 2023
YOOX Marketplace Set to Debut in the Middle East with a Diverse Array of Brands

In a significant move, the YOOX Marketplace is gearing up for its official launch at the end of November in the Middle East, featuring a curated selection of both regional and global brands. This launch reinforces YOOX’s commitment to becoming the go-to destination for customers, offering an extensive range of styles and brands.

At the heart of this exciting venture is ROMANI, an established luxury fashion house dedicated to the liberation of expression through its empowering pieces tailored for women in all their diverse forms. Founded and creatively directed by Haya Jarrar, a Dubai-based Jordanian, ROMANI aims to craft unconventional fashion that provides women the freedom to express themselves authentically.

Jarrar’s vision is evident in ROMANI’s distinctive pieces that are set to capture attention. The designs, cuts, and materials utilized mirror the uniqueness and rebellion embodied by Jarrar herself, resulting in coveted pieces that showcase an array of statement styles.

Explore the collection here.

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