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  • June 23, 2020
Have You Seen The Hermès 2020 Home Collection? Here’s Why We’re Loving It

Hermès has rolled out its 10th collection of furniture, accessories, fabrics and wallpapers, which have been envisioned by new designers. At once functional and fabulous, the new pieces give a nod to nature and offer a unique blend of the indoor and outdoor.

Manège Centerpieces and change trays

Think about clean lines, geometric patterns and vibrant textiles, conveyed in ballpoint and felt-tip pens, colored pencil and watercolor, among other mediums. Part of the collection are iconic pieces, such as the chair created by Jasper Morrison in 1997 for the convent, and are now accompanied by a table and an armchair. Built from a single piece of wood, this set of furniture is unassuming yet sophisticated, the complexities of which are visible upon closer inspection.

Furnishing fabric wallpaper Aqua Rosa, by Anne Roussel and Veronika Wildgruber

Also part of the range is the Hippodrome coffee table designed by Normal Studio, dressed in bridle leather and oak, with a gently hollowed top and contoured edges. The rugs feature a strong linen weave, with fine cotton cord embroidered on rugs. The pièce de résistance of the collection are the Clamp Dye plaid textiles, available in six combinations and created with 100% hand-woven cashmere and a two-tone weave. 

Armchair of the set designed Jasper Morrison

Among the decoratives are vases, and change trays, trays and centerpieces, deliciously draped in matte leather contrasted with lacquer.  As for furnishings and fabrics, the cool and calming Aqua Rosa and Tropic Swim designs will make the perfect choices for a summer home makeover.

Les Trotteuses d’Hermès Side tables

The colorful Les Trotteuses d’Hermès side tables of three different sizes are also a great addition, delectable with decorated porcelain tops. could just be the required finishing touch , while the rectangular-shaped Kala vase with its centre-aligned oak handle is sure to become the talk of admiration amongst visitors to your home.

From the wall-mounted organizer and detailed games table to delicately embroidered rugs and charming wooden boxes with leather marquetry, this new collection offers plenty of options to accessorize the house.

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