by Laurent Perves
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  • June 14, 2020
Vacheron Constantin’s Chief Marketing Officer Reveals 5 Iconic Facts About The New Égérie Collection

Vacheron Constantin is delighted to welcome Yiqing Yin to join the ‘One of not many’ roster of talents, who have chosen to collaborate with us. This youthful prodigy in the world of Haute Couture will epitomize the Égérie collection, our new range fully dedicated to ladies. We’ve been immediately convinced by her values and her achievements. Yiqing loves to explore the potential of fabric and pleats by imagining vibrant structures that are never static, but are all about volumes in motion.

Her passion for craftsmanship, concern for details and quest for discovery perfectly echo the spirit of our Maison and the motivation of our watchmakers. As a result, the Égérie collection features a classic look ‘draped’ with a mischievous touch reflecting today’s women – inspiring, independent and charismatic.

As Égérie continues to delight smart tastemakers in the region and beyond, I share 5 iconic facts about the collection, exclusively with Villa 88’s readers.

The tapisserie technique

The dial sets the stage for a delicate opaline silver work of art, inspired by the world of Haute Couture. Composed of concentric circles, its center and periphery are graced with a pleated pattern. Developed after several months of testing, this decoration was created in the Manufacturer’s guillochage workshop, using the ancestral ‘tapestry’ technique.

By dint of lengthy long and extremely subtle operations, the artisan adjusts the gears of a 1904 pantograph-type machine in order to reproduce a large format motif in a miniature version on the dial. The expertly wielded tip of the burin, regularly sharpened by the artisan, gives rise to the draped-effect motif of the Égérie dial.

The offset indications

The offset indications on the dial and the integrated circles are design signatures coming from the Maison’s creations from the 19th century. The crown, located at 1:30 o-clock, is reminiscent of the famous American timepiece dated 1921.

We’ve reinterpreted these signatures by imagining an off-center display playing with a diagonal line starting at 1:30 o’clock with the crown, continuing on the dial with interlaced circles (bearing the date or moon phases depending on the model), and ending with the Vacheron Constantin logo. This asymmetry is both a signature of the Maison and Egérie.

The interchangeable straps

One of the most remarkable features of this timepiece is the interchangeable strap system. The Égérie collection is delivered with three interchangeable leather straps and no tools are required – the owner can switch strap with a simple clip. The steel model is paired with a polished metal bracelet designed to ensure an flowing look and feel. Both slim and graceful, it’s so incredibly light on the wrist, like second skin, that the wearer can easily forget it is even there.

The complications

The date or moon-phase indications have been integrated in such a way that the horological complication also becomes part of the design, like an opened window on high watchmaking. Égérie is the perfect balance between technics and aesthetics, where both work together to create a unique style. The moon phase or date indication is part of a subtle diagonal line formed by the Vacheron Constantin logo and the crown.

The numerals and hands inspired by Haute Couture

Excellence can be seen in the most subtle details, such as the specially designed calligraphic Arab numerals that evoke fine embroidery, which can be found in Haute Couture. Our designers have also used ‘leaf’ type hours and minutes hands that recall the fine needles used in Haute Couture ateliers to delicately work the finest fabrics.

Images courtesy of Vacheron Constantin. Visit and visit @VacheronConstantin on Instagram. 

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