by Nada Taryam
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  • June 24, 2023
Nada Taryam, Chief Real Estate Officer at BEEAH, Talks About The Architecture Of Their New Headquarters

Prior to joining BEEAH Group in 2013, I studied at the American University in Sharjah, where I gained my Bachelor’s degree in Architecture with a minor in Urbanism. I then worked on key developments at Dubai Properties, and pursued my Master’s degree at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, studying under the Design Research Laboratory programme for two years before returning to the UAE.

I have a passion for everything design-related. The discipline of architecture creates spatial experiences and I’m most interested in its attention to detail—the way it offers confluence and seamlessness of design, continuity of an object’s formal struc- ture, and an overarching view of spaces and the stories they tell.

I joined BEEAH Group mainly to head the development of the organisation’s headquarters (HQ) and construction projects. My journey started with working alongside the Zaha Hadid Architects team to transform the design of the building in Sharjah, addressing all requirements including the company’s aspirations towards sustainability.

The BEEAH HQ design is inspired by the context of its proximity to Sharjah’s Al Sajaa desert. Its sinuous structure mimics the surrounding dunes, forming two large ones that intersect at the centre to create two external courtyards, which act as an oasis, bringing in light and pleasant views of water and greenery.

The HQ reflects the company’s twin pillars of sustainability and technology. It has been designed with sustainable measures at its core, utilising solar energy and limiting the consumption of water and power with efficient fittings and LED lighting fixtures. The construction materials comprise a percentage of recycled content, a big portion of which is fabricated within the city of Sharjah, limiting transport time from the production facility to the site and thereby reducing emissions.

These efforts have assisted us in receiving LEED Platinum rating, which is considered the highest certification under the US Green Building Council. In terms of technology, we have several AI integrations in the HQ, which we like to call ‘the office of the future’. They help promote employee comfort, enable productivity, and ensure that the building operates at LEED Platinum standards.

We’ve integrated automation systems that’ll be used to opti- mise energy consumption. A digital twin of the building learns the optimum conditions for its occupants and applies them as necessary. It also detects under-populated areas, unused lighting and excessive chilling, and responds to each automatically.

We also have an array of smart building solutions—the Digital Vault uses software designed to maximise energy efficiency, make the best use of available space, and create a virtual AI persona of each occupant. This eliminates the need for using personal key cards to access the building or log into a workstation.

The AI technology will learn from patterns of building usage and make these adjustments in the future without the need for human intervention. It’ll also recognise employees and visitors and suggest their preferred choices in any operation they perform.

At BEEAH Group, we’re building the smart cities of the future by merging sustainability and digitalisation. Our range of businesses encompasses diverse industries, including integrated waste management, resource recovery, environ- mental consultation, clean energy, technology, green mobility, and education.

As the UAE’s first fully-integrated waste management company, we’re serving cities across the country, and in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Our waste processing and material recovery business has over 10 recycling facilities, which have collectively helped us to achieve the Middle East’s highest waste diversion rate of 76 per cent. In clean energy, we’ve achieved regional firsts, like setting up the Emirates’ waste-to-energy facility, and a waste-to-hydrogen plant that’s currently being developed.

Our technology ventures, Evoteq and, have also led transformative projects in digitalisation and empowered governments, businesses and individuals across the Middle East. Recently, Evoteq was responsible for developing a smart track-and-trace solution, which was adapted by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention for the ‘Tatmeen’ application that helps fortify pharmaceutical supply chains in the country.

We’ve also deployed the region’s first dedicated sustainable transport company, ION, and supported organisations and government entities across the region with research and consultancy services. Our educational division has raised environmental awareness in schools, universities and communi- ties, as well as conducted programmes and industry-specific training for many establishments.

As a group of businesses, BEEAH is growing across industries and countries to meet a holistic strategy for sustainable development. Through the HQ, we’ve created a model for offices of the future and sustainable and smart architecture.

It’s our ambition to help create similar buildings across the UAE. Our vision is to pioneer a sustainable quality of life for all in the Middle East and North Africa region and beyond, and we believe environmentally responsible, future-ready infrastruc- ture will be essential to that end. I look forward to pursuing these opportunities, and continue supporting and leading the journey towards a better tomorrow.

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This article was originally published in Villa 88’s Spring 2023 edition. Subscribe here.

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