by Priyanka Rajput
  • 2 minute read
  • July 07, 2023
Mona Kattan Unveils Limited-Edition Kayali Fragrances, The Wedding Collection

Imagine capturing the essence of your wedding day in a single bottle, an olfactory journey that transports you back to cherished moments of love and joy. Luxury fragrance brand Kayali does this by memorialising the big day in its latest creation, The Wedding Collection. This dreamy duo of scents was initially created as a personal tribute by the brand’s founder, Mona Kattan, and her husband, Hassan Elamin, on their wedding day. Now, for a limited period, in a gesture of shared affection, they’re inviting the world to be part of their celebration and relieve it through these limited-edition fragrances.

Drawing inspiration from Mona and Hassan’s deep connection, beautifully weaving together their bond and Hassan’s Sudanese heritage, the scents, named The Wedding Silk Santal | 36 and The Wedding Velvet Santal | 35, are united by the grounding and enchanting notes of creamy Sandalwood, or Santal. “I find sandalwood to be a very comforting yet strong note – a characteristic shared by my husband,” says Mona. And so, this hero ingredient serves as the foundation for each of the two fragrances.

Wedding Silk Santal | 36 encapsulates notes of sparkling bubbles and white freesia, leading to a heart dominated by lush nectarine and pink praline, all in line with the wedding theme. The exquisite blend concludes with the sweetness of sugared musk and the creamy allure of Sandalwood. Complementing it is the mesmerising Wedding Velvet Santal | 35, which combines a tinge of jasmine with white musk.While the warmth of sandalwood, cedarwood, and benzoin create a magnetic base reminiscent of a lingering embrace—a testimony to unconditional love.

Still, the beauty of this collection lies not only in its flavors but also in its presentation. Reflecting the couple’s wedding attire, the fragrances are encased in bottles that mirror the elegance and grace of their outfits from the big day. The Velvet Santal is an embodiment of timeless sophistication and dons a matte black bottle with a jewelled cap—a homage to Hassan’s black suit. In contrast, the Silk Santal is a glistening tribute to Mona’s white satin dress, encased in a frosted glass bottle adorned with delicate designs that mimic her sparkling jewellery.

Crafted by celebrated perfumers Fabrice Pellegrin and Gabriela Chelariu, the two scents are a poetic memoir of shared memories and whispered promises. Reflecting on their collaboration, Gabriela shared how she found the concept of layering fragrances “deeply romantic,” stating, “We (Gabriella and Fabrice) loved the concept of the fragrances having to be layer-able, as lovers would imprint on each other’s skin.”

The vegan and cruelty-free fragrances are available in two sizes, 10 ml and 50 ml, worldwide on

Images courtesy of Kayali

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