by Aminath Ifasa
  • 1 minute read
  • September 18, 2023
LilaNur Unveils Its New Fragrance Inspired by Indian Culture

LilaNur, the fragrance brand that made its debut in late 2021, is entering a new phase with the launch of “Zafran Boisé.” This captivating fragrance, crafted by Firmenich master perfumer Honorine Blanc, features a blend of notes including smoked saffron, rose, cypriol, praline, sandalwood, and oud. Drawing inspiration from Kashmiri kahwa tea, it is available for $285.

Paul Austin, the brand’s co-founder, noted the growing interest in Indian culture in both domestic and international markets, especially the emerging South Asian beauty movement in the U.S. He emphasized, “LilaNur is speaking to niche consumers who have been told over and over about perfumers in Grasse. What we’re bringing to these categories is the understanding that India is one of the richest cultures of perfumery.”

With “Zafran Boisé,” LilaNur continues to captivate fragrance enthusiasts while shedding light on India’s rich perfumery heritage, promising an aromatic journey for fragrance connoisseurs worldwide.

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