by Lottie Pratt
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  • June 14, 2022
Discover Artist Lottie Pratt’s Watercolour Compositions

Art was very much my ‘thing’ when I was at school, as I’d often find myself doodling flowers, butterflies, and girls in pretty dresses with my watercolours. It was many years later that I rekindled my love of painting—only this time, the subject matter was beautiful rooms.

During the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020, I picked up my watercolours for the first time in ages and started to play around with painting interiors. It offered total immersion and escape from the real world, and I’d spend hours perfecting minute details of the fabrics and furnishings.

Lottie Pratt’s watercolour illustration of a drawing room with a red velvet sofa, belonging to antiques dealer Jack Laver Brister

I’ve always loved interiors, but it wasn’t until my children were a little older that I finally decided to study interior design at the KLC School of Design, Chelsea Harbour in London from 2012 till 2016. A significant part of the course entailed technical drawings and I did all mine by hand, unaware that most people used CAD (computer-aided design) to create them. This reignited my childhood passion for drawing, albeit in a highly mathematical way that was nothing short of a challenge.

Lottie Pratt’s watercolour illustration of an antique blue silk Baroque heel; Original piece (circa 1700-1715), made of blue silk floral damask with silver thread embroidery, is part of the collection at Museum Weissenfels im Schloss Neu Augustusburg in Germany

Once I finished my course, I was lucky enough to join the team at the famed interior design firm Robert Kime in 2017 and worked there until last year. It was an amazing experience and I had access to an Aladdin’s cave of antiques, which allowed me to pair my passion for art and design. I loved repurposing timeworn pieces to make one-off cushions and lampshades. Among the many things that I learnt there was the importance of intricate details and developing a tastefully layered room.

The rooms I’m inspired to paint just speak to me at first glance. I’m particularly drawn to botanical wallpaper, beds with gorgeous dressings, and rooms that have a whimsical charm. Each picture I paint has a special meaning for me. I can associate all of them with what’s happening in my life at a given time. They become part of a story—when I’m painting, it’s more about evoking a feeling of a room rather than replicating its design.

“Each picture I paint has a special meaning for me. They become part of a story—when I’m painting, it’s more about evoking a feeling of a room rather than replicating its design.”

One of my favourite illustrations is the French bedroom at Château de Gudanes in France, which is simple but boasts vibrant hues and antique textiles. The characterful drawing room with the red velvet sofa and floral wallpaper, belonging to antiques dealer Jack Laver Brister, is one that stands out for me, as it’s such a seamless combination. The cluster of artworks on the wall is particularly appealing.

I’m currently working on a new set of designs for my small greeting cards business that I recently launched. I’ve opened a shop called ‘LottiePSketches’ on the ecommerce platform Etsy, and I also sell my designs to a few independent retailers in the UK.

Lottie Pratt’s watercolour illustration of a 19 -century fan from the private collection at The Fan Museum, Greenwich in London, United Kingdom

In addition to room illustrations, I enjoy painting antique shoes and more recently, antique fans. For me, it’s all about the aging process of the exquisite shoes, and the luxe silks, satin brocades, rich embroidery, and craftsmanship that go into their creation. They evoke a sense of history. And I can’t help but wonder what tales they could tell.

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Images Courtesy of Lottie Pratt

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