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  • October 13, 2020
Bvlgari’s New Mai Troppo Campaign Is A Fitting Tribute To Rome. Experience It Now

How to find joie de vivre? Experience Bvlgari’s new Mai Troppo campaign that summons up life and its greatest pleasures. Translating to ‘Never too much’, Mai Troppo embodies Rome’s flamboyant spirit with a film, featuring actresses Naomi Scott and Zendaya, and supermodel Lily Aldridge.

Lily Aldridge in Bvlgari’s Mai Troppo campaign

Fierce and unapologetic, they peruse the streets of Rome, Bvlgari’s native city that continues to inform its vibrant aesthetic vocabulary. Envisioned by Swedish director-photographer Johan Renck, the film also follows the ladies’ journey across Villa Adriana in Tivoli and Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati, just outside the Italian capital.

Adorning Bvlgari’s exquisite high jewelry collection, Lily explores Rome’s most beloved landmarks, as she walks by the breathtaking Fori Imperiali and experiences the legendary Fountain of Trevi. “Everyone thinks she’s so interesting,” we hear in the backdrop, as Naomi explores the city’s streets, wearing the newest Bzero1 ring and Diva jewels. She then walks into a kitchen and indulges in a chocolate desert because why not?

Zendaya in Bvlgari’s Mai Troppo campaign

A wondrous coming together of artistry and muse, Bvlgari’s Serpenti and Fiorever creations, worn by Zendaya, will enliven the fantasist in you. Wearing the Octo Roma 18K rose gold watch, she exudes mystique as she attends a masquerade ball.

The joyous film walks us through some of Bvlgari’s most alluring collections, depicted in the distinct styles of strong and stunning women, who have always been at the heart of the brand. Most of all, it urges us to live in the magic of the now, a message that’s more important today than ever before. Beauty is Mai Troppo, so keep relishing it.

Images courtesy of Bvlgari

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