by Mira Kerbage
  • 1 minute read
  • November 29, 2020
You Can Now Buy A Floating Luxury Villa In Dubai Marina

Emirati company Seagate Shipyard, in partnership with El Bahrawy Group, recently began the execution of the floating Sea Palace resort, comprising a luxury hotel and villas. The villas after named after Neptune, the Roman mythological figure associated with freshwater and the sea, and are designed in the shape of a glass-bottom boat that can be transported anywhere in the world.

The floating homes include four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining room, swimming pool, and an outdoor living area, replete with an automated intelligent system. The Dubai-based enterprise behind the project specializes in building luxury boats and floating facilities in the UAE and globally.

The unique residences contain customized furniture, designed by British sports cars manufacturer Aston Martin, and operate on solar energy and a waste recycling system. In a video posted on the company’s Instagram page on 25 November, the Chairman of Seagate Shipyard, Alyaa Mohammed Butti Alsuwaidi, said that the project is unique in terms of design, “We’ve strengthened the culture of making everything possible.”

Each luxury villa is operated by two engines with a maximum speed of six Nautical Mile, allowing residents to move around on the water. To find out more about the project or to schedule a visit, visit the company’s official website.

Images via Seagate Shipyard’s Instagram account and website.

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