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  • October 13, 2019
UAE-Based Luxury Furniture Brand Al Huzaifa Reveals 4 Fabulous Fall Trends For Your Home

From the crispness of New England’s fall to Koyo, Japan’s signature blend of orange and red, autumn summons up an ethereal image. While the world may be your canvas, you can find interior inspiration close to home at Al Huzaifa. With one of its four branches located on Dubai’s Al Wasl Road, the brand spoils for choice with its stellar showcase of contemporary design. Step inside and immerse yourself in its latest Autumn 2019 look and a superb mix of collections, suitable for every palate. Here, we hear from the design masters what trends you’re sure to fall in love with this season.

1. Life is a breeze

Reminiscent of cozy days reveling in the Mediterranean sun or in the Savannah, the Ambo Chair with its hammock-inspired design evokes the perfect laidback, vacation feel.

With a corded leather back and strands drawn together with beads, it ensures that nothing comes between you and the easy, breezy goodness that fall beckons. The Ambo Chair is the perfect companion for a long afternoon out on the terrace. Round off the hammock feel as you put your feet up on the accompanying ottoman.

2. Cocooned in comfort colors

The Salmon Chair from Al Huzaifa’s Bellamy set invites you to wrap yourself in petal softness as its curvature is akin to a cocoon. The polished brass and light swivel mechanism are the perfect pair for a blissful evening in. As the precursor to winter, autumn brings with it migratory birds to the UAE’s welcoming shores. Avia, our favourite wallpaper, provides the perfect ode to this wonderful natural phenomenon. Let imagination take flight, and your creativity, soar.

3. Marble tops everything

There’s nothing quite like fine stone. Marble, with its various forms of grain and veins, is making a dramatic comeback this season. It’s interesting how timelessly classic elements come together to make contemporary fashion statements.

Samarqand is the piece de resistance from Al Huzaifa’s Mia line, and offers a look into how you can mix and match. The marble top is accentuated with geometric-patterned, later-cut lattice that curves and wraps around the edges.  A tribute to the art of filigree, it sets the stage for the upcoming festive season. A pair of bands in anodized brass ties it all together.

4. Embrace the waves

As summer makes way for a more temperate autumn, the beaches beckon. The glint of sunlight on water inspires Al Huzaifa’s take on light. Amwaj is poetry in motion as light travels along a myriad of wave-forms. Redefining the chandelier, this cluster of curviform light bands presents a weightless work of art suspended in midair.

If the new style season has come to town a shade earlier, that’s because it’s unmistakably autumn at Al Huzaifa. It’s time for you to let the season inside your home.

Images: Courtesy of Al Huzaifa.  For more information, visit and @Alhuzaifauae

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