by Lyndsey Steven
  • 3 minute read
  • July 11, 2019
These 5 Regional Brands Are Leading The Green Beauty Movement

Herbal Essentials

This modern skincare collection was launched in the UAE in 2008, and is now available online and via selected partners around the world. Founder Aly Rahimtoola,  a Pakistani-born, British-educated businessman, regularly returned home to rediscover forgotten cultural and wellbeing rituals. On one such trip, he heard about the benefits of Himalayan Spring Water and was intrigued by the possibility of harnessing its unique power for skincare.The result is a range of mostly vegan, gluten-free and fully recyclable products that have more than 90 percent natural-origin content, and are packed with antioxidants, anti-bacterial properties and essential macro-minerals.“I believe consumers, to a certain degree, have lost their trust in the larger brands and are looking for brands with values mirrored in their value systems, which typically a lot of smaller indie brands like Herbal Essentials have,” says Aly. Herbal-essentials

By Melanie Jane

A concept that began its journey 21 years ago, By Melanie Jane is now the UAE’s first online CIPD-accredited perfume and aromatherapy school. Inspiration struck when founder and creative director Melanie Jane Nightingale, suffering from post-natal depression, had a massage with a blend of frankincense, ylang ylang and neroli.  “At that moment, I realized my mission to delve deeper into the world of natural fragrances and oils,” she says. Melanie initially conducted natural fragrance workshops before setting up online classes to help people create feel-good fragrances for themselves. Bymelaniejane

Green Bar

Bahraini entrepreneur Reem al Khalifa’s fascination for ancient medicine and beauty began when she was teaching art history. Today, Reem has turned her passion for plants into a successful luxury botanical oil brand, Green Bar. “We have our own facility, where we conceptualise, manufacture and sell our full range of face, body and home products, as well as spa experiences to share and rediscover the Arabian Peninsula’s healing culture,” says Reem. “At Green Bar, we take things back to a pre-plastic world.” With ingredients including regional honey, flowers, spring palm, and indigenous resins like myrrh, frankincense and Arabic gum, Reem has caught the eye of local spas, with the stunning new PureGray Spa at The Merchant House in Manama quick to get the brand on board. “PureGray Spa approached us because they wanted to support local brands that share the same ethos,” she explains. “They liked the idea of featuring the country’s native harvest in the best light possible.” Greenbarinc

24 Karat Gold Elixir

Inspired by flawless skin, homegrown brand 24 Karat Gold Elixir, a blend of pure essential oils infused with 24 Karat Gold, recently made its international debut at global beauty guru Mario Dedivanovic’s London masterclass. “Gold has been the secret to women’s beauty and youth since ancient times,” says its founder Mehrunisa Shahid. “Queen Cleopatra used it to stay young and I believe every woman has a goddess inside.” Pure and cruelty-free, it has no side effects and is suitable for all skin types. “Not only is it an elixir that nourishes your skin and reduces its ageing process but it’s also an excellent primer and a natural sunscreen,” says Mehrunisa. 24karatmehrunisa

Alissi Brontë

The luxury natural beauty brand Alissi Brontë has just made its way to Dubai. Synonymous with beauty and good health, Alissi Brontë utilises only natural and organic ingredients in its formulations. “Alissi Brontë is a brand you can trust; it’s possibly the most certified organic brand in the UAE market today, offering treatment solutions for skin concerns as well as everyday creams and serums to nourish, rejuvenate and protect your skin,” says Managing Director Rashad Hassan Al Moosa. With an ISO certification for quality and respect for the environment, the brand, with its recyclable packaging, is good for the Earth too. “Natural products have a natural life, which means that when they reach the end of their life cycle or usability phase, they can be discarded without fear of toxic effects on the environment,” Rashad adds.  Alissibronte

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