by Hayley Alexander
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  • August 07, 2023
Robata: An Extravagant Journey Into Japanese Culinary Artistry 

Serenely placed within the opulent Caesar’s Palace Hotel, Robata embodies the essence of Japanese culinary artistry with an exceptional touch of luxury. From the moment one steps through its elegant doors, a sumptuous world of sensory delights unfold.

Robata, named after the ‘robatayaki’ technique of fireside cooking, serves as the epitome of this centuries-old Japanese tradition. The restaurant celebrates authentic Yakiniku, combining hot coals with a flat open fireplace, known as a hearth grill. The result is an unparalleled symphony of flavours that dance upon the palate with each bite.

As we enter Robata’s lavishly adorned space, a grand and expansive terrace awaits. During the cooler months guests may choose to relish a subtly more relaxed ambience, embracing the sea breeze and opting for al fresco dining with a backdrop of beachside views overlooking the serene waters of the Persian Gulf.

As the golden rays grace the terrace, we are seated Omakase style, to get the full experience with the chef and leaving the curated menu for him to charm us with. We indulge in a tantalizing menu, featuring the finest Japanese ingredients sourced from the renowned Toyosu fish market, accompanied by the world’s highest-ranking A5 Kobe Beef from Japan. Our culinary journey starts with sampling grade A5 Kobe Beef, this beef comes with marbling texture and incomparable tenderness. Each succulent bite left an indelible impression surpassing any other beef we have ever savoured. Here, the chef takes centre stage, skillfully demonstrating the art of grilling, delivering dishes that epitomise culinary excellence.

We devour the Yakiniku menu, where you will find Wagyu Tartar Bruschette and Aburi Tongue with Caviar, Wakame Soup, Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki with Truffle, and more.

Robata’s culinary prowess extends beyond the grill, where master chef Tatsuro Mitsuyasu, hailing from the esteemed Sushi Kimura in Singapore, showcases the exquisite art of sushi making. With the finest brand of Nodoguro, “Benihitomi”, Robata’s charcoal-roasted sushi takes centre stage, enchanting diners with its delicate and slightly sweet flavour profile.

The exclusive omakase dining experience heightens the enchantment further, as guests surrender their plates to the skilled hands of the chefs. Each dish unfolds like a masterpiece, a testament to the time-honoured Japanese culinary techniques perfected over generations.

At Robata’s you are welcomed with genuine warmth and expertly guided through the menu with passion. The team strikes a perfect balance between attentiveness and discretion, allowing guests to relish each course at their own leisurely pace. Their profound knowledge of the menu intricacies ensures diners receive personalised recommendations tailored to their unique preferences. This seamless fusion of efficiency and amiability creates an ambiance of sophisticated hospitality that elevates that entire dining experience. 

From the enchanting presentation to the remarkable expertise of the culinary artisans, Robata encapsulates luxury at every turn, inside and outside. This extraordinary dining experience is beyond a meal; it is an odyssey that transports guests to the heart of Japanese culinary heritage, set against the backdrop of Dubai. Robata is unequivocally a destination of choice for those who seek nothing short of culinary perfection and indulgence that lingers in memory long after the last bite.

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Images courtesy of Robata

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