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  • June 11, 2022
Recharge Yourself Amidst The Swiss Alps At The Chenot Palace Weggis

50 years ago, Henri Chenot pioneered a revolutionary approach to wellness, combining cutting-edge scientific methodologies of Western medicine with Chinese healing techniques and other traditional systems. Known the world over, the Chenot Method® has continued to impact generations with its holistic vision that promotes preventative practices and overall wellbeing.

Founded by Henri, who passed away in 2020, and his wife Dominique, the eponymous brand is renowned for its state-of-the-art, personalised wellness and detox programmes, which are offered at Chenot Palaces and Chenot Espaces across multiple locations and have been patronised by celebrities, artists and athletes. This lustrous legacy has been furthered by the Chenot Palace Weggis, located on the shores of the pristine Lake Lucerne in Switzerland—a resort town that iconic author Mark Twain once called “the loveliest place” he had ever visited.

With sweeping views of the Swiss Alps, dominated by the majestic Mount Rigi, Chenot Palace Weggis is a calming oasis that has been envisioned by architect Davide Macullo, who brings together traditional Swiss design and contemporary influences. Hand-carved ceilings and wooden accents evoke the alpine location, reflecting the Chenot concept of vitality. The muted colour scheme lends tranquillity to the space, so you can embark upon the journey of rejuvenation.

“Our concept is to integrate health and wellness in order for people to reach their optimum health,” Dr. George Gaitanos, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of the Chenot Group, said in a release. “Our programmes are primarily based on detoxifying and energising treatments, and people come to our properties to reset their body and mind, so they can achieve harmony within their body.”

Chenot Palace Weggis is the first in the portfolio to house dedicated rooms with sleeping technology, zen gardens and a contemporary art gallery, which means it offers an unparalleled multisensorial experience. Among the most popular services is the seven-night, six-day ‘Advanced Detox’ programme, specifically designed to nurture the body’s natural self-healing processes, eliminate toxins and metabolic wastes, repair defective tissues, and restore hormonal balance.

It’s customised for each individual based on diagnostics and consultation with a team of professionals. Expect massages that use scientific techniques such as electrostimulation and cellular resonance therapies, traditional healing methodologies like cupping, and a host of natural and plant-based treatments—all carried out under medical supervision and calibrated to your body type and health requirements.

The programme also comes with a tailored low-calorie and plant-based diet plan, which was also developed by Henri to kickstart the body’s self-healing mechanism. It aims at cleansing your body at a cellular level, enhancing metabolism, restoring biorhythm, and promoting the growth of new cells, with the goal of making you feel young and refreshed.

In addition to ‘Advanced Detox’, the retreat provides ‘Recover and Energise’ and ‘Prevention and Ageing Well’ programmes, which are supported by medical aesthetic, human performance, sports and fitness, and hydrotherapy departments, among others. Guests at Chenot Palace Weggis can revel in one of the 97 rooms and suites that lend panoramic views and a sense of privacy, ensuring that no matter how you felt when you entered the address, you’ll leave feeling renewed and recharged.

How to get there

Chenot Palace Weggis is a 30-minute drive from the train stations in Arth Goldau or Rotkreuz, and a 45-minute ferry ride for guests arriving from the Lucerne main station and taking a ferry from Luzern Bahnhofquai.

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Images courtesy of Chenot Palace Weggis

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