by Mannhar Kaur
  • 1 minute read
  • October 29, 2019
Hotel Hotlist: These Luxurious Colonial Houses In Santo Domingo Are Summoning You

Where to, this festive season? Santo Domingo is summoning you to indulge in its Caribbean chic Casa del XVI, a collection of restored colonial houses in the Dominican city. Coveted in the list of small luxury hotels of the world, each house boasts a rich history and is filled with color, character and charisma.

From Casa Macorís paying homage to the rich and magical Dominican folklore, to Casa Antillana, which honors the cultural sensibilities of the West Indies, to Casa de Arból giving a nod to the natural goodness of the Dominican Republic’s capital, each house is akin to dream. Awash in design that’s characteristic of Santo Domingo, at Casa del XVI, you’re sure to feel at home.

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