by Cem Kapancioglu
  • 2 minute read
  • April 13, 2020
Dubai-Based CK Architecture Interiors CEO Reveals 4 Fundamentals Of Designing A Living Space

When designing living and work spaces, it’s important to me that we resonate with the DNA of the clients. We take time to deconstruct their vision and then re-imagine it by placing the space in the context of its location and natural surroundings. Then, we create the connective tissue that links their vision with global practices while adding the local context to make it more realistic, closer to home. Here, I reveal four fundamentals behind creating a good living space and, by extension, a good life.

Interior view of an apartment in Burj Khalifa, Dubai
Functionality comes first

Embrace innovative solutions and the latest technological applications for a space that’s as unique as the people inhabiting it. Innovation and technology are key to unlocking the full potential of creative, bold and daring designs in transforming spaces into hotbeds of functionality. Through a combination of censors and apps, designers and builders can develop spaces that provide functionality and comfort in line with the expectations and demands of the younger generation.

A beautiful space fosters positive attitudes, so it’s important that it’s both functional and fabulous.

Aesthetics do appeal

CK Architecture Interiors specializes in the creation of opulent living and working spaces, especially in the UAE. This type of clientele is extremely discerning and knows what they need from an aesthetic perspective. They’ve traveled around the world and demand the bespoke and extraordinary. This is where we come in to add the value they seek. A beautiful space fosters positive attitudes, so it’s important that it’s both functional and fabulous.

Durability is desirable

Durability is two-pronged; first, it means that the space isn’t just designed and built for the needs of today, but also takes into account the future needs and desires of the occupant. Second, it implies that the selection of materials and fabrics requires contemplation. And I’m not just saying this from a wear-and-tear perspective, but also more from the point of view of what’s trending. So, designers need to be able to speak to the hearts and minds of the owners of the space in order to create an ambiance that’s as close to their personal taste as possible.

Sustainability makes sense

We use materials that are native to their environment and speak the same language, as they need to create an overall effect that makes sense. We’ve maintained strong relationships with some of the world’s best suppliers of top-end materials. So, we know where we need to go to get the best, most ethically sourced materials. Analyzing your supply footprint is essential to adopt greener business practices.

Cover image: Palm Murat Villa, Dubai; Images courtesy of CK Architecture Interiors. Visit and @CK_Architecture_Interiors_LLC on Instagram.

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