by Ayesha Shaikh
  • 1 minute read
  • August 05, 2019
Chopard’s New Fragrance Features The World’s Most Precious Oud

Prepare to satiate your opulent palate with the new Haute Parfumerie ‘Gardens of the Kings’ collection by Chopard, which features sustainably-sourced Oud Assafi, known to be the world’s most precious oud. The Swiss manufacturer has created the fragrance range using oud that has been extracted from the Sylhet lands of Bangladesh.

Perfumers traveled to the area to meet oud masters and communities, and to witness the age-old distillation process in Jalali Agarwood’s family plantations, as a show of respect to this olfactory craft and to give buyers an authentic experience.

The collection features four perfumes, Agar Royal, Aigle Imperial, Nuit des Rois, and Or de Calambac, whose scents and names reference the mysterious and fascination with oud through the ages.

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