by Nouf Al Dossari
  • 2 minute read
  • July 06, 2023
Riyadh Rundown: Nouf Al Dossari Reveals The Best New Dining Destinations

Content creator Nouf Al Dossari shares her edit of the top new dining destinations in the Saudi Arabian capital that make no concession on flavour and feel…


Did someone say alcohol-free cocktails? Head to the first Saudi outpost of renowned Irish brand TVM and you’ll be spoilt for choice with a selection of drinks that are stirred, shaken and swizzled to perfection, so you can relish every sip. The minimalist space is located on the elegant Bujairi Terrace in the upscale Diriyah Gate Development, which is home to several hip dining options. The drink selection at TVM is made with refreshing organic ingredients, so you know where to go to quench your thirst this summer.

Acoustic Restaurant & Gallery

Located in the bustling Al Olaya district, one of the busiest in Riyadh, this elegant hidden gem offers a satiable blend of art and gastronomy. The walls are decorated with a diverse selection of artworks and a different Saudi or international artist is spotlighted every month as a nod to their cultural production. The fare ranges from delicious continental and Arabian breakfast to salads, sandwiches and pastries, with the calorie count of every item mentioned on the menu for weight watchers. Opt for any variation of the restaurant’s signature French toast and you won’t be disappointed. @Acousticksa


At this chic new eatery, you’re sure to have a soul-stirring experience. It’s a café with quiet charm that sits in Riyadh’s Jarir Complex, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with dishes that boast a blend of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and American flavours. It serves the kind of hearty breakfast and lunch you can enjoy with friends and family till evening. From the Cloudy Tower, an airy dish featuring sourdough, runny eggs and turkey bacon, to decadent burrata eggs and homemade brioche with raspberry jam, there’s a favourable option to delight every palate. @Stireatery


Step inside Hara and you’ll realise that this is the kind of Indian food the city has been hungry for—made with care but no pretense, complex in ways that demand full attention, and seasoned for people who love the interplay of spices. Inside the restaurant, colourful accents abound—think about patterned tiles, vibrant sofas and chairs, and dishes that pack a punch. Located at Park Avenue Mall in Riyadh, Hara offers versatile dishes that you can explore on its menu that’s presented as a newspaper. What are the headlining dishes? The Punjabi Chicken Salad, Kunafa Shrimps and Potato Samoosas pack flavours and textures that emerge decorously in every bite. @Hara.ksa

Nouf Al Dossari is a Saudi content creator and YouTuber based in Riyadh. Born and raised in the United States, she returned to her home country five years ago to immerse herself in her cultural roots. Since then, she has witnessed first-hand the impressive changes the Kingdom has undergone as part of the Saudi Vision 2030 framework. She has overcome several health challenges, having been diagnosed with a rare condition known as Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease. Despite enduring these obstacles, she remains resolute and pursues content creation as an avenue that allows her to inspire and engage with others. Follow @Saudiexplorer_ on Instagram.

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