by Sanika Tipnis
  • 1 minute read
  • January 08, 2020
Did You Know That Marvel’s New Superhero Is Arab-American?

Meet Amulet, Marvel comics’ latest addition to the superhero world. Amulet aka Fadi Fadlalah  is a superhero of Lebanese descent brought to life by Saladin Ahmed, along with Jordanian-American illustrator Sara Alfageeh. A high-schooler from Dearborn, Michigan, this superhero is set to debut in Magnificent Ms Marvel #13, which is set to hit the shelves in March this year. Ms Marvel, aka Kamla Khan, is Marvel’s only other Muslim, superhero who is about to get a superhero comrade.

“Amulet is a fun, mysterious new character who will be playing a role in Magnificent Ms Marvel for months to come.  As an Arab-American who basically learned to read from Marvel Comics, being able to team up with the phenomenally talented Sara Alfageeh to bring Amulet into the Marvel Universe is literally a dream come true,” said Ahmed on the new character.

A natural question that comes to mind is what superpowers is this new character gifted with. “A gentle giant with defensive and healing powers that come from a family heirloom,”  said Sara via a post on Instagram. “The blue and white color palette and the circular design were pulled from the Nazar, a symbol that pops up all over the Middle East that protects the wearer from the evil eye, the harmful intentions of others. A bit of a historical, supernatural touch,” she further explained.

While the creators of Amulet haven’t yet revealed all the details, they’ve shared enough to excite the comic crazies amongst us.

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