by Villa 88
  • 1 minute read
  • January 19, 2020
Jean Paul Gaultier Bids Farewell To Fashion And His Paris Haute Couture Show Will Be His Last

It’s the end of an era. French designer Jean Paul Gaultier has announced his retirement after five fabulous years in fashion. Known for his eccentric design vocabulary and innovative haute couture, Jean established his eponymous label in 1976 and has since made an indelible mark on the global fashion scene. He also served as the creative head of Hermès for seven years.

He took to Twitter to share the news in a fun video, staying true to his quintessential style. He confirmed that his upcoming couture show that’s slated to take place on 22 January will be his last. But he was quick to affirm that his legacy will continue. “This show celebrating 50 years of my career will also be my last. But rest assured Haute Couture will continue with a new concept,” he revealed. Well, we’ll surely stay tuned.

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