by Allyson Portee
  • 1 minute read
  • October 01, 2019
Fresh From France: Ingie Chalhoub Tell Us All About The Perfect INGIE Paris Woman

Inspired by strong women, Lebanese designer and humanitarian Ingie’s Spring-Summer 2020 show in Paris was a feast for the eyes. Villa 88 went behind-the-scenes before the show to take in the backstage bustle and speak with Ingie about her incredible creative process.

Beaming with energy, Ingie was hard at work, tending to all the pre-event details. Although French-Lebanese by origin, she doesn’t limit her aesthetic vocabulary to a specific country or region. “I’m not stuck in time. I’d like to go beyond this and design for the modern-day woman, one who knows how she’d like to see herself in the future.”

At the show in a location right off the Seine, guests were transported ahead of time to summer 2020, with a runway awash in sand and seashells. The audience, which included regional names such as Karen Wazen and Dana Hourani, was enthralled by the bright colors, stripes and ruffles that inform Ingie’s design.

The pieces are inspired by Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, unsurprising as Ingie often looks towards strong woman from the past for inspiration. “Sometimes in life, you struggle and all of us go through hard times. The struggles that Frida Kahlo went through as a woman, a feminist and an activist are quite poignant, especially in today’s world when we’re confronted with the question of sustainability and its global impact,” stated Ingie. “The world is struggling, but this collection is a celebration of life. It’s a celebration beyond our daily struggles.” 

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