by Aminath Ifasa
  • 1 minute read
  • September 14, 2023
Bulgari Hosts Exclusive Serpenti 75th Exhibition in Dubai

Bulgari is all set to captivate art connoisseurs and fashion enthusiasts with its exclusive “Bulgari Serpenti 75 Years of Infinite Tales” exhibition in Dubai. Located at Dubai DIFC in The Gate Building, the exhibition will feature the esteemed Heritage Collection alongside high-end Serpenti pieces, making it a must-visit event for aficionados of jewelry, art, and fashion.

Save the dates, from Friday, September 15th to Sunday, September 24th, as this exhibition will be open to the public during this period. Bulgari, renowned for its iconic collections spanning jewelry, watches, fragrances, and leather goods, introduced its inaugural Serpenti creation in 1948. Since then, the snake motif has served as a wellspring of inspiration for artists, writers, and poets worldwide.

To commemorate this special occasion, Bulgari has unveiled the artistic initiative “Serpenti Factory.” The exhibition will proudly display select pieces from the renowned Serpenti Heritage Collection, narrating the stories behind these creations and their significance to the Maison’s heritage, craftsmanship, creativity, and influence.

As part of this exciting initiative, three local artists, including Dr. Azra Khamissa, Dr. Afra Atiq, and Azza Al Qubaisi, have contributed their interpretations of the Serpenti emblem through their artwork.

Dr. Azra Khamissa’s Serpenti-inspired artwork draws parallels between the resilience of Bedouin culture and the snake’s adaptability in harsh conditions, using natural henna as her chosen medium. Emirati spoken word poet Dr. Afra Atiq has composed a poem inspired by Bulgari’s Serpenti jewelry, celebrating themes of personal growth and empowerment, drawing parallels with the shedding of snakeskin.

Renowned jewelry designer and sculptor Azza Al Qubaisi, known for her use of local materials and sustainable practices, has crafted a piece inspired by nature’s movement and transformation, showcasing the influence of the local landscape.

Adding to the exhibition’s allure is Refik Anadol’s multimedia artwork, “Serpenti,” an immersive 3D, AI installation that explores metamorphosis through data-driven abstract imagery.

The exhibition will also offer a curated selection of Serpenti creations from the Bulgari Heritage collection, complemented by an AI-developed fragrance named “Rainforest Serpenti.”

To mark this new chapter of Serpenti, five exclusive high-end jewelry creations will be unveiled, including the ‘Crimson Rose Serpenti Necklace,’ the ‘Tree of Life Serpenti Necklace,’ and the ‘Polaris Serpenti High Jewelry Serpenti Necklace,’ each showcasing Bulgari’s commitment to craftsmanship and elegance.

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