by Dina Khadr
  • 1 minute read
  • June 28, 2021
Flying high with Noora Al Hammadi

“Every craftsperson owns tools that they use to tell a story of the world that they see,” muses UAE-based aerial photographer, Noora Al Hammadi. “For me, that tool is my camera. Through its lens, I capture the beauty of the world I see. I use it to translate the ideas I have in my mind into reality – photography is my escape whenever I feel lost.”

Noora Al Hammadi

Noora, who first picked up a camera in 2009 as a teenager, has recently graduated to another form of photography; one that breathes new life into the locations that we’ve grown so accustomed to around the city; one that puts on display all the wonders the Emirates have to offer. Using a bird’s-eye view, she unearths the secrets that lie hidden in plain sight, and revitalizes them by capturing the scenery from a new vantage point. Shooting striking images of landscapes around the UAE, Noora’s art urges her viewers to reconsider the world as they know it by “taking a step back” and taking in “a view of the world that’s completely different from what they’re used to.”

Art as a means of escape is a concept that most artists feel familiar with, and it’s no different for Noora, who says “I find my photography to be an escape from the daily bustle of life, and [one that] showcases that the intricate details of everyday experiences are different when you look at the bigger picture. It’s a reminder that we’re all connected, and complete each other.”

Noora Al Hammadi

Through sweeping views of the ocean, the streets, and the buildings inhabiting those streets, is the pulsing heart of the UAE – and that’s exactly what the talented photographer’s work seeks to unveil. Noora succeeds in leaving her viewers in awe of her depiction of these staggering sights, that are right there in our metaphorical backyard. She adds that she’s “always seeking beauty in the places that I visit. I depend on my lens and a minimalistic approach to show how beautiful my country is, and beauty is what inspires me to be creative.”

Noora Al Hammadi

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