by Ayesha Shaikh
  • 1 minute read
  • July 15, 2021
Enter the fantasy world of Visual Citizens

We’re a duo of former architects-turned-digital artists from Scotland and South Africa. We create surrealist interiors and landscapes with a special focus on nature. Devoted to exploring concepts and meaning in art, much of our work involves an imagined story or world, within which the piece exists. Usually, this meaning comes from our own minds – an idea we hope to survey, or an emotion we need to release. We love to take familiar situations and create exciting new ones.

Shali Moodley and Adam Kelly

Imagine dining under a constellation of flowers or spending an evening underneath a flowering tree. As architects, we were limited by reality. As digital artists, the possibilities for expression are endless. In an era where the physical has expanded into the digital realm, we’re always searching for revolutionary projects. Currently, we’re collaborating on some virtual reality experiences. Our work has been showcased at fairs, such as Dutch Design Week and Salone del Mobile, Milan, and we’ve worked with brands the likes of Sony Music and Stone and Strand NYC. Here, we share a glimpse into our fantastical world.

Shali Moodley and Adam Kelly

“As digital artists, the possibilities for expression are endless”

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