by Mehak Shoaib
  • 1 minute read
  • September 10, 2019
This Saudi Trapeze Artist Has Launched The Kingdom’s First Aerial Yoga Studio

Roa’a Al-Sahhaf, Saudi Arabia’s first female circus performer, recently accomplished her lifelong dream of establishing her very own aerial yoga studio in the Kingdom, and success has already knocked at her door. The 42-year-old’s modern yoga classes have become so popular since she launched in March that she is now looking to expand across the country.

Having established herself as a successful circus performer,  Roa’a has now taken upon herself to engage more young girls into the art of aerial arts. She has been practicing her aerial skills since she was a child and ventured into the field professionally in 2009. Her studio now offers yoga, pilates, family dance classes and boxing.  Aerial yoga is known to enhance flexibility and physical abilities as it assists people in learning difficult yoga poses that require years of dedication in a lesser amount of time.

Images :@Aerialarts.jed

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