by Mehak Shoaib
  • 1 minute read
  • September 01, 2019
Queen Rania’s Recent Visit To Jordanian Badia Offers A Lesson In Women Empowerment

Last week, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah took a trip to Jordan’s Badia area, which is home to a heritage site in Jordan, where she met local women who are a part of the Umm Ar-Rasas Women Cooperative Society. The organization aids women to launch their own small businesses and become financially independent.

In a heartfelt message,  Queen Rania took to Instagram and said, “Jordan is home to so many incredible women serving as role models in everyday fields.” She added in another post, |The grace and hospitality of the women I met on a visit to the Jordanian Badia yesterday were inspiring .”

On, Her Majesty has often shared how Jordanian women are known for their resilience and determination, how women continuing to support and empower each other is the way forward.

Cover Image: @QueenRania

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