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  • July 24, 2019
Create Your Own Stunning Wares With This Beautiful Arts Studio

There’s nothing quite like creating pieces with homespun charm.

Think about handpicking your favorite blooms, their fragrance lingering in the air, and neatly affixing them to create a floral crown, or creating an essential oil perfume as a rejuvenating addition to your olfactory wardrobe.

Modern arts company Turquoise Boutique Studio is creating immersive experiences for people with its creative selection of do-it-yourself event activities and kits, online tutorials, and workshops.

The idea is to bring families and friends together and engaging them in creative activities that enhance collective happiness and well-being. “Here in Dubai, it can be difficult to find the right quality materials at a reasonable price. There was a lot of work to get to the creative process – the fun bit,” founder of Turquoise, Meredith Huston says. 

Turquoise Boutique Studio

“I found out that I enjoyed the hunt for resources and could quickly learn projects, so I started inviting friends over for crafty evenings. We had so much fun that I realized there was a demand for this kind of activity, even for adults.”

Turquoise’s DIY projects range from jewelry-making to interior décor with macramé wall hangings, bracelets and plant hangers being among crowd-favorites. This spring, it might be time to leave your phones at home and get crafty.

Turquoise boutique Studio/@turquoiseboutiquestudio

Images Courtesy of Turquoise Boutique Studio

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