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  • July 19, 2020
We Round Up Hero Pieces From Cartier’s New Nature-Inspired High Jewelry Collection

Did we hear nature? Cartier’s brand new high jewelry collection is a dazzling nod to the phenomenon many of us find succor in. Named [Sur]Naturel, the pieces draw inspiration from natural elements such as water, flora and fauna, with the idea of freeing nature from ‘reality’s constraints’ and creating an experience that’s at once fantastical and festive.

Cartier echoes its unique high jewelry savoir faire with the collection, which features the Tillandsia and Hemis necklaces, and the Panthère Tropicale wristwatch. Each piece is bedecked with diamonds, emeralds and sapphires, combined with opal, kunzite, coral, aquamarine, beryl and quartz, crafted to perfection by the Maison’s artisans and designers.  

Panthère Tropicale watch. Courtesy of Cartier

Among the hero pieces is the glorious Panthère Tropical wristwatch, which is inspired by Cartier’s four-legged mascot with onyx and white diamond ‘spots’, paired with orange coral and 20.58 carats of tourmaline and blue aquamarine, all evoking a walk down a tropical rainforest. 

Tillandsia necklace. Courtesy of Cartier

Join us as we travel through this enchanting world, dreamt up by Cartier, where nothing can startle you out of your reverie. 

Cover image credit: Cartier 

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