by Abinaya Shanthi
  • 1 minute read
  • August 21, 2019
A US-Based Furniture Store Brings Kids’ Dream Rooms To Life

If your children’s idea of the perfect bedroom was brought to life, what would you say? US-based home services company recently did just that as it called upon children from around the world to draw their dream bedrooms and send their drawings to the team. What happened next, you can see for yourself below.

A team of expert interior designers came together to breathe life into these drawings, which were sent by children from countries ranging from Pakistan to Argentina. The drawings were filled with nature, varied shapes and lots of color.

1. Viola, 9, from Ukraine

Viola, 9, Ukraine dream room

2. Martin, 6, from Spain

Martin, 6, Spain dream room

3. Briana, 10, from the Philippines

Briana, 10, Philippines dream room

4. Inaya, 5, from Pakistan

Inaya, 5, Pakistan dream room

5. Harry, 10, from England

Harry, 10, England dream room

6. Elias, 7, from Greece

Elias, 7, Greece dream room

7.  Gala, 6, from Argentina

Gala, 6, Argentina dream room

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