by Pablo del Val
  • 1 minute read
  • May 18, 2022
Token of Art: Discover Bakhodir Jalal’s All Seeing Eye

Bakhodir Jalal was born in Tashkent in 1948. He pursued his education at the Republican Art College (1968) and St. Petersburg Repin’s Institute of Painting (1968-1974), where he graduated with honours from the Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting. He then received a grant and was allowed to travel to Italy to study classicism.

Bakhodir offers a distinctly muralist style and injects textures into his colourful composi- tions. This geometric piece is inspired by the architecture of the Sherdor Madrasasi, which is located in the ancient Uzbek city of Samarqand. This 17th-century heritage site, situated on Registon Square, is covered in mosaic patterns, from which Jalal took inspiration for the artwork. A lion-like animal is featured on the building mosaics and appears here at the centre of the all-seeing eye, which is a direct reference to the spirituality of the place and Islamic architecture.

Cover image courtesy: MORROW Collective

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