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  • July 22, 2019
The UAE Is One Of The Trendiest Countries In The Region: Guido Damiani

Guido Damiani and his siblings Sylvia and Giorgio have been surrounded by gold and diamonds since their childhood. The family lived in an apartment in the middle of Valenza, where Guido’s grandfather Enrico Damiani started his jewelry business in 1924.

                                                       Villa Brocca, Guido Damiani’s home in Valenza

“My grandfather used to design and craft the jewelry himself, so the company grew with his involvement. We are the only international brand that was founded as a design manufacturer; other international brands were born as retailers—they bought jewelry but did not produce it themselves,” Guido tells Villa 88.

                                         Guido Damiani as a child

Damiani is one of the only international brands to still be run by the founder’s direct descendants. In this case, it’s currently in the hands of Guido, the President and CEO, and his siblings, Sylvia and Giorgio, both Vice Presidents. “We always look at the business like it’s a family member,” Guido explains. “And we’re lucky because we stick together, stay together and work together.”

           Making of Piazza Damiani Fountain sculpture

Right from the start, Damiani creations have stood out for their impeccable aesthetic. “One of the biggest differences you can see with Damiani is our strong design,” Guido asserts. Testament to the brand’s strength is the fact that it has won 18 consecutive Diamond International Awards, and Guido himself is the recipient of numerous prizes and honors, including the 2013 America Award conferred by the Italy-USA Foundation, and the Leonardo Qualità Italia prize in 2014.

Above: Side bangle,Dhs10,990; Below: Earrings in rose gold, mother of pearl and diamonds, Dhs 16,390

Under Guido’s supervision, the Damiani brand has expanded around the world, currently standing at 61 boutiques located in Japan, Mexico, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Russia, the UAE and the USA. Guido considers the Middle East particularly important. “We believe the region holds great potential for us,” he explains. “We already have customers here, and I believe the UAE is one of the most important, trendy countries in the region. We plan to invest here—besides Dubai, we’re thinking about Abu Dhabi. We’re opening very soon in Saudi Arabia and are already in Kuwait.”

Fountain at Piazza Damiani; Main Square of Valenza about a century ago when founder Enrico Grassi Damiani began his journey

As a family-run enterprise, you may wonder what role each Damiani sibling plays. “I lead the company, create the strategy and ideas. Giorgio mostly focuses on design and purchasing precious stones and materials,” Guido says. “Sylvia handles the PR, media relationships and our high-end customers. Basically, each of us has a different profile, and this helps a lot. I have to thank them.” And will the baton pass on to the next generation? “We hope. We don’t know yet, because [our children] are all very young,” smiles Guido. “All of them look interested, but they’re too young to say anything. We’ll see.”

Images Courtesy Of Damiani

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