by Aminath Ifasa
  • 1 minute read
  • August 17, 2023
Metropolitan Museum of Art Unveils ‘Women Dressing Women’ Exhibition Celebrating 20th Century Female Designers

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is set to unveil “Women Dressing Women,” an exhibition at the Costume Institute, showcasing the profound impact of female designers on 20th-century fashion. Opening on December 7th, the event will feature 80 carefully chosen pieces from the museum’s permanent collection.

The exhibition pays homage to established names like Claire McCardell, Miuccia Prada, and Vivienne Westwood, while also highlighting lesser-known designers such as Adèle Henriette Nigrin Fortuny and No Sesso’s Pia Davis and Autumn Randolph. It delves into themes of anonymity, visibility, agency, and absence/omission, underlining the fashion industry’s role in empowering women’s creative autonomy.

From the ’60s to the present day, the exhibit explores the transformation of fashion into a medium for political and personal expression. It also spotlights designers like Ann Lowe, who evolved from obscurity to become the first nationally recognized Black female fashion designer.

Contemporary designers like Iris Van Herpen and Marine Serre will address collaboration and sustainability. The exhibit, organized by Mellissa Huber and Karen Van Godtsenhoven, aligns with The Met’s commitment to celebrating diverse voices in art.

“Women Dressing Women” captures the journey of female designers and their impact on fashion’s evolution, encapsulating creativity, empowerment, and identity in the 20th century.

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