by Fatma Ali Abed
  • 1 minute read
  • July 13, 2022
In The Whimsical World Of Emirati Creative Fatma Ali Abed, Local Fashion Vocabulary Meets Celestial Icons

Since I developed a penchant for architecture and design, I found myself capturing mo ments with my camera wherever I went. I always enjoyed translating my visual perceptions and stories through collage works, but who knew that my passion for photography would evolve into a career?

Celestial fairies enter the realm where magic meets beauty. The novae and nebulae reflect their light on the dome beneath them, as the fairies marvel at their surroundings.

My art revolves around representing our vibrant culture in a contemporary light. I often cap- ture the Emirati fashion vocabulary through my lens, juxtaposing it with digital art and celestial iconography.

The sky above the fort features an enchanting hue that’s a mix of amethyst and blue. The birds flap their magical wings, as the sun shines bright on the woman, creating a mélange of light, textures, and colours.

The idea is to showcase our traditional jalabiyas in prints and colourways that go beyond their usual depiction. I’ve gained recognition for my dreamlike compositions, which aim at evoking curiosity in the viewer and presenting them with a joyful coming together of contrasting elements.

In a world of abstracts and neutrals, they remain colourful.

Here, I share the creative vision behind some of my works that feature my friends and family members, who I often refer to as ‘fairies’. Come, join me on my whimsical journey. Follow @Fatmaasb on Instagram.

The fairies step into the metaverse.
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