by Villa 88
  • 1 minute read
  • June 22, 2022
OJAR Collaborates With Omani Artist Mays Almoosawi For An Exquisite Scarf

OJAR has joined forces with Omani artist Mays Almoosawi in honour of their shared heritage. The collaboration involves the creation of a stellar scarf, inspired by the OJAR universe and its iconic Frankincense ingredient, paired with Mays’ signature style. 

The design depicts a mirrored, abstract illustration of a woman in traditional dressing and a backdrop of Frankincense tree branches. OJAR’s Eagle Eyed Stranger fragrance serves as inspiration for the collaboration, with its homage to the Omani Frankincense tree and the traditional harvesting of its precious resin. The scent opens with a bold incense, flecked with wood and amber notes.

“Eagle Eyed Stranger was my main inspiration for this design as this fragrance reminds me of home,” Mays said in a release. “I combine OJAR’s iconic elements with my female figure signature style. What draws me into this abstract art style is the freedom of expression. Working on an art piece spontaneously is a way of letting my subconscious mind create something from my memory.”

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