by Ayesha Shaikh
  • 2 minute read
  • August 29, 2021
Why You Need Emirati Brand Slouchyz’s Fall-Winter 2021 Collection In Your Wardrobe

In the whimsical universe of Emirati designer Maryam Al Selaich, clothes push the boundaries of form and function. A superb coming together of art and fashion, her brand Slouchyz has unveiled a new cosmos-inspired Fall-Winter 2021 collection titled ‘Citrine’ that features 25 futuristic abayas, cloaks and wraps that you can discover at a private viewing by appointment.

“This collection is a tribute to all the women who want to get dressed up and be comfortable at the same time,” Maryam tells Villa 88. “It’s a tribute to understated glamour. It’s for every woman who wants to take her fashion from the sidewalk to the catwalk,” she adds.

This collection is for every woman who wants to take her fashion from the sidewalk to the catwalk.

The ‘Citrine’ collection takes its name from the eponymous stone, which is a symbol of self-healing, improvement and positive energy. Each design is inspired by the astrological perception of planets and their symbolism, and references their color associations and meanings. “Since the onset of COVID-19, we’ve been researching a lot about astrology and signs, which have inspired this collection,” Maryam shared in a release.

Think about planetary hues, such as pale yellow and warm amber that reference Jupiter, which is a symbol of prosperity and joy; the bright azure blue of Neptune that nods to the notions of allusion and being aware; and the cyan hue of Uranus, which depicts innovation and liberation.

Then, there are pieces in blue, green, brown and orange, inspired by the Earth and Mercury, and embody love, balance, harmony and hope. The monochrome hues of Pluto and Saturn, which signify regeneration and change, are also a part of the color palette.

Slouchyz has long been celebrated for creating art-clothing hybrids that reflect the brand’s deeply imaginative spirit. The latest collection encompasses this forward-looking approach, as it includes unconventional cuts, natural draping, fringes, quilting stitches, and sculptural silhouettes in fabrics like French crepe, silk cotton and linen voile.

The line includes pieces with a modern take on the medieval-era cloak, and techniques like line and padded stitching, which have been a signature of the brand since 2015. Maryam notes that the pieces in short sleeves with elastic intricately stitched into the fabric for flexibility and airiness are among the highlights. Discover the collection now.

The ‘Citrine’ collection will be available at the Slouchyz store in Warehouse No 5 in Al Quoz and on Follow Slouchyz on Instagram.

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